Recent Floods in Limerick

CDP Fire and Flood has a team ready to inspect and to help any of the people affected by the flooding in the Limerick area.

As a specialist in this field we understand all the problems and issues involved in getting your home/property back to normal as soon as possible. As a local limerick company, we have worked previously in Limerick city and county and have existing relationships with insurance agents, which speeds up the claims process.

Feel free to contact us on Anthony on 087-1314417 or 0818 227061 or email us at for a free enquiry.

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12 Flood Preparation Tips

Below are 12 tips brought to you by CDP Fire and Flood to help you to protect your home from floods and potential flood damage.

Seeing as winter is now just around the corner, we thought we would create this infographic to help you safe guard your home against torrential rains and surprise floods.

Our infographic gives you 12 helpful tips on how to secure your home in the event of a flood, what to do and what not to do and finally, what to do after it is all over.

Out infographic includes helpful tips on how to safe guard your vehicle, stocking piling, pet care, safety measures, what to avoid , who to call and what not to do!

If you found this infographic helpful please like and share as much as you like and help others to protect their home from potential flood this season.

Flood restoration infographic

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Having Problems With Burst Pipes?

Due to the widespread freezing conditions, homes and businesses have been badly affected by burst pipes. CDP Fire & Flood is a nationwide repair service that specialises in the repair of the damage caused by burst pipes. If you need damage repair feel free to call CDP Fire and Flood today.

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Water Damage Tip

If have experienced flood damage, turn off water from mains or tie up/raise the ball cock to prevent more water entering tank.  Turn off or try not to use your electricity, turn off if possible. If you experience water damage, call CDP Fire and Flood for free advice.

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Flood Restoration Tip

Always use professionals when carrying out the drying process  after water/flood damage, as this will speed up the process and save you money and return your premises to as new condition as soon as possible.

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Fire Restoration Tip

Site is currently being updated. Tip coming soon

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Repair Tip

CDP Fire and Flood provide a one stop shop in repairs in the aftermath of Flood/Water Damage.  It is important that the drying process is started quickly to prevent further water damage.  Contact CDP today for some advice.

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CDP Fire & Flood Launch New Company Website

Here at CDP Fire & Flood we have happy to announce that we have redesigned our company website with the help of Web Design & Online Marketing company IDF Marketing Ltd.

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